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Death House 3-5



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Area 407 (Part Two)



Some of the survivors of the plane crash continue to fight for their lives as they are pursued by dinosaurs, a genetically engineered army of zombies, and an array of other terrifying elements and the horrifying government conspiracy that unfolds.

Moments Of Silence

After achieving his childhood dream and becoming a world class boxer, Ray Vincent leaves the corrupt business of prize fighting to lead a simpler life and raise a family. Having high moral fiber and living on principle, he excels at police work and becomes a decorated detective. He and his wife Rachel have a beautiful baby girl named Jessica. Ray works long hours and this has driven Rachel to drink too much. Ray loves his family and tries to balance it all, but his work always comes first. Sure Ray misses his gym buddies and his boxing coach, Beau Jackson, but life is still pretty good. Until one day Ray and his partner Detective Liz Porter are attacked during an investigation of a local drug dealer. As they arrive at the crime scene, it’s obvious that this is a big deal. Ray’s cell phone rings, it’s Rachel, he ignores it to focus on the scene. Rachel calls him again, he answers and tells her he has to call her back, but here’s something in her voice, and in the corner of his eye he sees an image of his wife’s SUV. He looks again, and knows that Rachel is inside the store, he asks where is Jessica? Rachel tells him “They got her too” and tries to tell him something else, all of a sudden, they hear shots from inside. Ray knows what’s going to happen, Everything moves in slow motion as the police open fire, Ray screams NO! NO! as he’s being held back, he fights to break free to save his family.

At Rachel and Jessica’s funeral, Chief Ralph Deleo tries to comfort Ray and tell him to take some time off. Ray refuses, knowing that this would kill him. He goes into these flashbacks that become Moments of Silence to him, where everything stands still but his memories. He spots a black SUV that snaps him out of his thoughts, knowing that he has seen this vehicle before. He goes back to work, he’s angry and short tempered. Ray remembers that his wife was trying to say something and sinks deeper into his Moments of Silence. He no longer can stay in his house and there is no evidence to keep the case open. Ray goes in the evidence file and sees a security camera clip and in the reflection of the glass there is that black SUV. He and Liz stake out the drug dealer that was in their car the night his family was killed. This dealer knew more about the killing of Ray’s family. Ray loses control, beating him, to get more information out of him, causing Ray to get suspended. Ray goes to Beau his former boxing coach and Beau let’s him stay in the back room of the gym. He meets a young fighter of Beau’s named Tiki. Liz finds out that the dealer just got released from the hospital. They knew that these murders were no accident. Someone had to have had the power to let this criminal go. Ray knew it wasn’t the commissioner or the mayor that he wanted, but the man who was pulling the strings.

All the pieces of the puzzle, fall into place in RAY VINCENT’s MOMENTS OF SILENCE