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Killer Rose



On the Padgett County Line, there is a sundown strip club called the Golden Monkey, run by Becky who is sexy and as tough as nails. This was normally a spot for greasy truckers and traveling salesman. Three nights ago a stripper, Misty, who worked at the Golden Monkey was murdered in the back alley, but strangely enough, nobody heard the gunshot. We come to find out that Misty was the sister of notorious hit-woman, Rose. They had no leads, but Rose had all the information she needed. She had successfully hunted down contract kills on less information. Rose showed up to the strip club with a trunk full of guns and knives to find the people responsible for her sister's death. So Becky buys Rose a drink as they come up with a plan to avenge Misty's death.

They jump into Rose's black muscle car and head out. They begin their journey in the next small town, looking for the next suspect. They manage to get the name of the killer, Hank, a shady businessman who had been a regular at the Golden Monkey. They know they have to act fast because Hank is also in the business of killing and will have some of his best hit-men hired to stop the two.

Those hit-men get sent to stop Rose and Becky, but Hank finds out that it's too late and they're coming for him. At this point, the cops are also trying to find out which two women match the police sketches from the witness testimony. Rose and Becky leave behind bodies and travel to different towns on the search for revenge and neither the hit-men nor the cops can keep up.

The Dark Side of Dalia



In an age where reality television reigns supreme, there is no telling what lengths some people will go to achieve fame. But what happens when the true reality becomes more chilling, more convoluted than any 51 minute reality show can portray? The story of Dalia Dippolito and her solicitation to commit first-degree murder against her husband is one that answers just that question.

Since 2009, Dalia’s story has swept the nation with its regional and national headlines and extensive media coverage. Police interviews, set-ups, and testimonies have garnered millions of YouTube views and suggest that society just can’t get enough of this story. The story begins in August 2009 when an undercover cop posing as a hit man met Dalia in a CVS parking lot in Boynton Beach, Florida. Video footage shows Dalia insisting that she wants the job complete with “5,000%” surety.

With this evidence, the police department orchestrated an elaborate murder crime scene set up at the Dippolito home. Dalia’s overly rehearsed wailing at the (fake) news of her husband’s death is yet another nail in the coffin. Over the next 8 years, the Dalia story unfolded across one trial, two appeals, two retrials, and two convictions, and let’s not forget, that she got pregnant and gave birth, while on house arrest. What should have been a one-step trial and conviction was muddled by the presence of alarming defense accusations and failing juries. Was the police department looking for television fame with their set-up? Were the Dippolitos looking for similar fame? What happens when 15 minutes of fame becomes 9 years and that fame is at the expense of a woman’s freedom? While these questions have not been reasonable doubt enough to reap an innocent verdict, they are enough to keep Dalia’s story going longer than most reality TV shows.

In a story where lovers are informants, police departments are fame hungry, and shady parking lot conversations serve as the cornerstone for the prosecution, there is no telling if the truth will ever be entirely uncovered. And the pursuit of that truth is proving to be a curiously insatiable reality.

Dawn of 5 Evils


When a group of five real estate brokers and bankers arrive at an exclusive penthouse at the request of its wealthy, high society owner...a supernatural perfect storm is formed...

“Lamia” is the borrowed ancient name for “Balthoria,” a serial killer who has crossed the lines between supernatural and real. A dark, beautiful woman who is known to bathe in the blood of her victims; she has gathered her prey for a specific sacrifice them to a Higher Order.

The bankers meet their hostess. As they prepare their audit and financial documents, they explore the Byzantine penthouse to find that all is not what it seems.

“Lamia” looks like a woman from the 1500s that was known to be a vampire. According to the lore in “Lamia’s” art displays, Balthoria sought eternal life, emulating Vlad The Impaler and used virginal blood to stay youthful. Balthoria has prepared her guests to be sacrifices for four other beings she wishes to connect with: The Four Horsemen, soon to be known as “The Five Evils” as joining them will complete the five points of the pentagram.

The Horsemen appear inside this high rise torture chamber to pursue their victims that culminates in a roller coaster fight for survival. Brought forward by Balthoria’s conjuring, they are focused on their victims until it is discovered one of the “guests” is not who he seems, resulting in a game of cat and mouse to apprehend all Five Evils.