At Entertainment Factory our goal and passion is to make independent films that make money for our investors. We have all the components to produce quality films that create revenue streams that far surpass most other investment opportunities. Entertainment Factory’s focus for the project as well as for its participants stands as follows: through efficient cost management, the company will use the most adept personnel and resources that are available to insure the production of a quality, entertaining, highly marketable film that will appeal to a worldwide demographic. We see the film meticulously through every stage, from writing and preproduction to insuring the completion of principal photography and thef entire distribution income stream.


Guess Who This Smiling Stud Turned Into!

0117_singing_star_guess_launchBefore this grinning little guy sang his way into America's hearts -- he was just another jazzy little kid growing up in New Orleans, Louisiana. Can you guess who he is?

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