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In 2009 and 2010 we saw the Film Industry break records in gross dollars in both Box Office and DVD sales.  This trend was apparent in the Foreign Film Market as well.  Experts say that this is attributed to 3D and the premium movie experiences being offered by the Motion Picture Industry.  It is being said that we are at the forefront of the third revolution in film history.  First it was when we went from silent films to talking pictures, then it was from black and white to color, and now it is High Definition, 3D and Premium Experiences.

The Film Industry is one of the only countercyclical industries still thriving today.  Investing in Motion Pictures as opposed to the stock market, gas and oil or any of the other traditional investments, affords the investor the luxury of a stable and profitable investment.  No more roller coaster rides through bull and bear markets, no more worrying about how the economy will affect their investments.  It is a less traditional, much more lucrative vehicle for any investor to make a larger ROI and either rebuild or enhance their portfolio.

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Jeffrey Katzenberg
Co-Founder Dreamworks
State of Moviemaking & 3D