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Guess Who This Smiling Stud Turned Into!

0117_singing_star_guess_launchBefore this grinning little guy sang his way into America's hearts -- he was just another jazzy little kid growing up in New Orleans, Louisiana. Can you guess who he is?

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Lee Daniels -- The Oscars Can't Snub Me Because I Don't Care About Awards

Lee Daniels couldn't care less about the Oscars dissing his flick 'The Butler' because he tells us he doesn't buy into Hollywood's self-congratulatory award crap, but the thing is ... we're not sure Lee's keeping it 100.

Here's the deal ... 'Butler' came up goose eggs for Oscar noms -- nothing for Lee, Forrest Whitaker, or Oprah Winfrey -- even though critics LOVED the movie.

Daniels shrugged off the controversy at LAX ... telling us, "we don't do it for the awards, we do it for the art" -- which is either a totally chill thing to say ... or just what you HAVE to say when you get snubbed. 

Lee on Oscar Snub

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Lee on Oscar Snub

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Daniels does end up getting a little consolation prize in this clip.

It's better than nothing. Barely.

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Justin Bieber -- Codeine Company Not Down With His Sizzurp Consumption

Justin Bieber
's drug of choice has ruffled the feathers of the company that makes it ... now that TMZ has broken the story that Justin has a serious sizzurp problem.

As we reported ... Justin's sizzurp (aka lean) concoction includes Actavis -- a mixture of promethazine hydrochloride and codeine phosphate syrup.  It's considered the Rolls Royce of lean, which is commonly mixed with soda and a Jolly Rancher.

Our sources say Justin gets his stash of Actavis from out of the country.

A rep for Actavis tells TMZ ... they disavow the use of their product for illegal purposes.  The rep notes their product is used for temporary relief of coughs and upper respiratory symptoms associated with allergies and common colds.

The rep adds, "The company does not condone its use for any indications outside of this purpose."

The rep would not discuss the fact that the product has become a staple for high-end sizzurp users.

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'The Bachelor' -- Juan Pablo's No Homophobe ... Says Jilted Contestant

 "The Bachelor" star Juan Pablo Galavis is not a hateful, homophobic butcher of the English language ... he's a sensitive, caring man who just can't express himself very well ... says a woman who just got booted off the show.

Chantel Forrest -- a black account manager -- tells TMZ she got to know Galavis well during her time on the show and says he would NEVER offend anyone because they're gay or a different color.

Galavis -- who's Venezuelan but born in the US of A -- told an interviewer gay people are more "pervert" than others ... then asserted the ol' language barrier defense.

Chantel says Galavis shouldn't be bashed for bad grammar.

"I was not offended by his comments at all," she tells TMZ. "They wouldn't have changed my opinion of him. I wouldn't change anything."

In other words ... she'd probably still sleep with him ... we're guessing.

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Justin Bieber -- Blows $75K in Miami Strip Joint

Justin Bieber
didn't just make it rain ... he made it pour in Miami ... first hitting up a famous nightclub -- and then dropping $75K in a strip club ... this according to a rep from the strip club.

Justin flew from Colorado to Miami Beach -- where he was spotted going into Mansion (above). A few hours later he went to King of Diamonds ... we believe to attend Lil Scrappy's birthday party.

A KOD rep confirms to TMZ ... Justin got $75K in 1 dollar bills, and went wild.

And get this ... the club was also celebrating Martin Luther King Jr. Day.

As for what Bieber was dreaming about -- check out this video from inside KOD last night.


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Kanye West -- 18-Year-Old Alleged Battery Victim Wants Cash To Settle

The 18-year-old who Kanye West allegedly beat up last week in a chiropractor's waiting room has approached the rapper, asking for a ton of money to settle the case without criminal prosecution ... TMZ has learned.

Sources connected with the 18-year-old tell us ... his lawyer called Kanye's people and expressed the desire to strike a civil settlement -- FOR A PRICE -- several hundred thousand dollars.

We're told the 18-year-old is adamant -- he does NOT want to go through a public trial.  As we reported ... Kim Kardashian claims the young man was hurling racial epithets, calling her a "n***er lover" among other things.  We're also told he has not been responsive with the police since the incident.

As for the $$$ ... although eyewitnesses in the Beverly Hills chiropractor's office say Kanye pummeled the guy ... we're hearing he has no apparent injuries.  Nonetheless, avoiding a criminal trial has a price.

Sources say both sides are currently in negotiations.

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'Entourage' Director Doug Ellin -- Bikini Shoot Goes Overboard
Breaking News

"Entourage" director Doug Ellin had a brush with disaster on a yacht this weekend in Miami -- accidentally dropping his expensive camera into the ocean ... after shooting a wild bikini scene for the movie ... but thankfully, the damage was minimal.

Sources on the set tell TMZ, Ellin was stepping off the yacht onto a smaller boat when he accidentally dropped his personal camera into the water. He offered to pay divers $1,000 to find it, but it was impossible.

Luckily, the camera didn't contain any official film footage ... but it did have more than 500 behind-the-scene photos of all the girls in bikinis. Arguably a bigger loss.

Fun fact: the third girl from the right in the pink bikini is Ryan Seacrest's new girl Shayna Taylor ... who landed a role in the movie after her modeling career blew up (thanks to Ryan).

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'Dance Moms' Stars -- BLOCKED from Tweeting at Co-Star ... Following Alleged Attack
Breaking News

"Dance Moms" star Kelly Hyland has been legally FORBIDDEN from having any contact with co-star Abby Lee Miller after a nasty catfight ... which means they can't even tweet each other, TMZ has learned.

Hyland was in court this morning in NYC facing assault and harassment charges after allegedly attacking Miller -- who owns and runs the dance studio -- in a fit of jealousy back in November.

As we previously reported, sources tell us the two women had a hair-pulling brawl at the dance studio after Kelly accused Abby of slighting her young daughters.

Both women showed up at the courthouse this morning ... and so did a camera from Lifetime ... 'cause you KNOW this is going to be part of the TV show.

During the hearing, Hyland was ordered by the judge to stay away from Miller while the case is pending ... which means no talking, no phone calls and NO TWEETING at her.


12:30 P.M. PT --  Outside court, Miller vented for the cameras ... accusing Hyland of playing a dumb blonde to get attention.


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TMZ Live: Justin Bieber Flies Cross Country for Strippers
TMZ Live


Justin Bieber's party train (private jet) stopped in Miami for a $75,000 night with the best strippers in town. $75K??? Is this JB's version of retail therapy after the raid and his pal Lil Za's drug bust?

Plus, Britney Spears' ex-bf Jason Trawick looks a lot different a year after their breakup. We got a photo of him sporting a few extra pounds, but now he's promising to slim down ... and quickly!

And, an eyewitness to country music star Trace Adkins' drunken cruise ship altercation with his impersonator joins us to describe how it all went down ... and reveal new shocking details!


(0:00) Justin Bieber blows a ton of cash on strippers -- but at least they were the best of the best.
(6:00) Britney Spears ex Jason Trawick fattens up after their breakup -- then makes a promise to TMZ that he's gonna get back into shape.
(10:00) Kanye West could make the battery case against him go away ... if the price is right. Should he fight it?
(14:00) "The Butler" director Lee Daniels says he doesn't make movies to win awards ... you buying what he's selling?
(18:00) Shayne Lamas and Nik Richie join us to explain how the hell they're still married after getting hitched in Las Vegas 12 hours after meeting each other.
(24:00) Robin Thicke gets frisky with a woman at a club -- so if his wife is cool with it ... is it right?
(29:00) An eyewitness to Trace Adkins cruise ship altercation with his impersonator calls in to explain how it all went down ... and if she's gonna sue over it.
(32:00) Our camera man wins an award -- for comparing "Keeping Up the Kardashians" to Shakespearean play in front of Ryan Seacrest.
(34:00) "Dance Moms" war goes to court ... and the cameras were rolling of course.
(36:00) The floor is yours!
(41:00) "Entourage" director's mishap in front of a ton of bikini clad extras ... including Ryan Seacrest's fling.

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Suge Knight -- Arrest Warrant Issued ... Dude Never Shows Up In Court!

Suge Knight is now a wanted man ... because a judge just issued a bench warrant  for his arrest ... and it's pretty ironic, because he was supposed to show up on another warrant that was issued for not showing up.

TMZ broke the story ... Suge was pulled over in September for driving without license plates. When he was pulled over cops realized he had an outstanding warrant for failing to appear in another case.  Suge was then arrested, hauled off to jail, released and ordered to appear in court today.

Suge was a no-show, so the judge ordered the deputies to haul his butt into court and set bail at $26K.

And history repeats itself.


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